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Doo Wop (that thing)


Holy, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. It’s not that i’ve been busy, just that I have not had the motivation. School is starting very soon so I gotta get emotionally and physically ready. This summer did not go as I expected but all things considered, it’s been good. There’s always next summer.

I’m going to miss sleeping in, exploring downtown with friends, beach bumming and having time off. It will be good to finish off school though. I’m going to be starting my last year on Tuesday and will be graduating sometime in June next year. After that I will take a fashion styling course just to see what it entails or try to get an internship.

Anyways, I liked my outfit today so I documented it:

Dress: Forever 21

Brown fringe bag: Ardene

Choker: Ardene

Shoes: Thrifted, Browns shoes




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The one with all the tree climbing

Happy Father’s day,

Thank you daddy for putting our needs and wants ahead of yours.

Happy Father’s day to my heavenly father. 



It’s been awhile since i’ve been on here. The main reason being that I’m lazy and the other reason is that I’ve been working. Yes you’re girl is back at it, trying to save up money for school. It’s funny too because it’s something that i would never have gone for and yet here we are. God has been showing me lately what I am capable of achieving when I stop looking at my self imposed limitations and act in faith. I went into interview process not believing that I would make it. I have this bad habit of selling myself short. The day of the interview, I kept telling myself “yes you should be here, you have the experience, you have the skills.” I guess I did have the experience and skills afterall.

Earlier this week,a friend and I went out and took some pics. I’m really loving my Canon EOS Rebel. It’s worth the money and it’s so easy to use.

Here are some shots:



top: Urban Planet

skirt: Zara

sandals: Shoe warehouse


I love how dark I look here


Meet my photographer/model/gal pal Mimi

Favourite one


got the smize down


We will most likely  head downtown next with the camera for some new scenery.



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Do you have that one piece of clothing that you treasure and usually only wear on special occasions because you would hate to waste it on an insignificant event?

These bootcut overalls from H&M are my most cherished piece of clothing that were not thrifted. I originally got it for a styling assignments with the strongest intention of returning it  but when the time came, I couldn’t bear to part with it. It’s a statement piece that does not require a lot of thinking to work.

I created 2 outfits with it.

The first outfit:

I paired the overalls with a chambray top from ZARA and my black clog sandals




The second outfit:

I paired the overalls with a striped tube top I got from Forever 21 awhile ago and a choker from Ardene.



I recently started to watch Beverly Hills, 90210 and i’m surprised at how much I like it. The fashion in it is insane, I find myself wanting every outfit that Brenda wears. I have so many screenshots on my phone that i’m going to try to recreate.




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The one where she gets a new plant

Happy Easter,

I did not want to really start blogging until I had a good camera, but i was feeling my outfit and going to church and coming back home was not good enough.

Church was great and the message was amazing. The sun was out and the wind was warm. I meant to get groceries afterwards but the grocery store was closed. I saw cluster of flowers outside a convenience store and minutes later i came out with a Calla lily.This would be the third plant that I’ve bought recently. I love how a simple plant can add to or change the atmosphere of a space. Now the day is almost over and that means school is close by. I’m just trying to stay sane during these last weeks of exams and projects and deadlines.

Here’s what I wore today:


Top: ( actually a shirt dress) ASOS Marketplace, i don’t remember the name of the shop

skirt: Zara

Shoes: White Mountain clogs sandals , bought from Burlington Coat Factory

Earrings: Value Village


IMG_7537IMG_7585 (1)


and here it is

IMG_7616 (1)