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Forgive. Repeat

21 Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?”

22 Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.

Matthew 18: 21-22


I have this friend that I am really close to and they did something to me that I thought was unforgivable or close to that extent. This is one person who knows everything about me and they are supposed to be the last person on earth to ever do something like this. As I get older and meet more people I realize that trust is absolutely vital to relationships. If there’s no trust then what is there? it’s all meaningless!

I wasn’t as hurt over what they did as I was over how much they deceived me and the extent they went to reassure me that what I thought was happening wasn’t happening. All I could think about were the times I asked and they looked me in my eyes and blatantly lied. What they did was absolutely wrong and the fact that they have not apologized does not help anything. When their response was not remorseful I blocked them off everything. Their number was blocked, Instagram, snap chat, WhatsApp you name it. I was very angry and I think I was rightly so. However, this anger I was holding on to was not benefiting me at all. That’s the thing about anger, it makes you feel justified and condemns the other person but staying angry solves nothing.

Today God humbled me. There was a time that I did something that hurt this particular person and they let it go and we worked through that. I was extremely ashamed of what I did and was thankful and humbled when they did not hold it against me. When I thought of that time, my brain argued that what they did was worse but my heart reasoned that the hurt caused was the same. I thought about the person as a whole. I considered them from all this time that we had known each other. Even now as we are not speaking, I know they have my back. If I was in any kind of trouble and I called them up, I know they would be here. I am like that to them as well. So all in all, this is not a person to give up on.  God put in on my heart to extend the forgiveness he so eagerly offers to me when I ask for it to them. I did it and I feel light and free.

Trust will have to be rebuilt. That’s the thing about life and relationships though. People are not perfect and we will hurt each other. My goal in every relationship is to be quick to forgive, to act in love and to be kind. Always, as my God is.



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The one with all the tree climbing

Happy Father’s day,

Thank you daddy for putting our needs and wants ahead of yours.

Happy Father’s day to my heavenly father. 



It’s been awhile since i’ve been on here. The main reason being that I’m lazy and the other reason is that I’ve been working. Yes you’re girl is back at it, trying to save up money for school. It’s funny too because it’s something that i would never have gone for and yet here we are. God has been showing me lately what I am capable of achieving when I stop looking at my self imposed limitations and act in faith. I went into interview process not believing that I would make it. I have this bad habit of selling myself short. The day of the interview, I kept telling myself “yes you should be here, you have the experience, you have the skills.” I guess I did have the experience and skills afterall.

Earlier this week,a friend and I went out and took some pics. I’m really loving my Canon EOS Rebel. It’s worth the money and it’s so easy to use.

Here are some shots:



top: Urban Planet

skirt: Zara

sandals: Shoe warehouse


I love how dark I look here


Meet my photographer/model/gal pal Mimi

Favourite one


got the smize down


We will most likely  head downtown next with the camera for some new scenery.



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Chasing Waterfalls

Something went wrong with the first post so i’m writing it again.

IMG_0974 - Copy

My roommates and I took a short trip to Niagara Falls this weekend. We left on Friday and returned this afternoon. Unfortunately, we were not blessed with the best weather conditions. Friday was warm but gloomy, Saturday came with showers and cold winds and today was just plain cold.

On Friday, we walked around the area where our lodge was located and visited the outlet mall close by.We started Saturday off by going to another outlet mall ( we like to shop and we like deals) and then we headed over to the area surrounding the falls. We Had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, which is a themed restaurant with an exterior and interior designed to mimic a rainforest. The food was decent but the atmosphere and overall experience was more noteworthy. We walked around the falls afterwards, taking pictures as we went along. The cold temperature prevented us from staying out any longer so we headed back to our room at the lodge and spent the night in.

I enjoyed our short trip and even though we did not do much, it was great to get away for awhile and take a vacation from our problems. Next time I definitely want to take the boat tour and maybe do one of the haunted houses…. …maybe.

A lil taste:

The lodge looked like something out of an indie film


Total Betties

IMG_0781IMG_0929 - CopyIMG_0937 - CopyIMG_0944 - CopyIMG_0965 - CopyIMG_0985 - CopyIMG_0991 - Copy

& a bit more:



Like Picasso

My sweet roommates treated me to paint nite for my birthday ( paint afternoon might be more accurate, the event started at 1:30). It was really relaxing and fun and I’m thankful I got to do it, plus I now have a painting to commemorate the day.

So what happens is that you show up and everything is provided for you. Before hand, you choose a picture you would like to paint. Different venues around the city have instructors who teach you how to paint certain images. The canvas, paints, brushes, water and napkin are all supplied. The one we went to today was located in an Irish Pub and you had the option to eat and drink as you went along. The instructor goes through a step by step tutorial of the example image. You are not required to recreate the same image, it’s all about artistic freedom. It was interesting to see how different the paintings all looked from each other. I love how subjective art is.

Next time, I’ll try a picture with more elements in it.

The process:


My roommates paintings:



What I wore today: