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The one with all the tree climbing

Happy Father’s day,

Thank you daddy for putting our needs and wants ahead of yours.

Happy Father’s day to my heavenly father. 



It’s been awhile since i’ve been on here. The main reason being that I’m lazy and the other reason is that I’ve been working. Yes you’re girl is back at it, trying to save up money for school. It’s funny too because it’s something that i would never have gone for and yet here we are. God has been showing me lately what I am capable of achieving when I stop looking at my self imposed limitations and act in faith. I went into interview process not believing that I would make it. I have this bad habit of selling myself short. The day of the interview, I kept telling myself “yes you should be here, you have the experience, you have the skills.” I guess I did have the experience and skills afterall.

Earlier this week,a friend and I went out and took some pics. I’m really loving my Canon EOS Rebel. It’s worth the money and it’s so easy to use.

Here are some shots:



top: Urban Planet

skirt: Zara

sandals: Shoe warehouse


I love how dark I look here


Meet my photographer/model/gal pal Mimi

Favourite one


got the smize down


We will most likely  head downtown next with the camera for some new scenery.



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What it is


Its been about a year since I decided to go natural and i’m glad I did. When I first started out I read about how difficult it would be to maintain and manage. It’s not all easy to manage and maintain but I’ve found that if you just let it be, it can be. I’ll wash my hair maybe like twice a month and detangle with a shampoo brush after. In between washings I’d twist or braid overnight if I want to stretch my hair. Also twisting prevents the hair from tangling. For the most part I would spritz a mixture of water and conditioner on my hair each morning to moisturize it and run a hair pick through it ( conditioner is my best friend).

Here’s one years growth:

Last year around my birthday after the big cut


April 23 2016

Whats been up lately:

I started a youtube channel and filmed a video, check it out here:  70’s black girl

*on a side note, I heard snippets of Beyonce’s album today and i’m loving it. I’m waiting  until I can buy it on iTunes though. I don’t have Tidal money.