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Do you have that one piece of clothing that you treasure and usually only wear on special occasions because you would hate to waste it on an insignificant event?

These bootcut overalls from H&M are my most cherished piece of clothing that were not thrifted. I originally got it for a styling assignments with the strongest intention of returning it  but when the time came, I couldn’t bear to part with it. It’s a statement piece that does not require a lot of thinking to work.

I created 2 outfits with it.

The first outfit:

I paired the overalls with a chambray top from ZARA and my black clog sandals




The second outfit:

I paired the overalls with a striped tube top I got from Forever 21 awhile ago and a choker from Ardene.



I recently started to watch Beverly Hills, 90210 and i’m surprised at how much I like it. The fashion in it is insane, I find myself wanting every outfit that Brenda wears. I have so many screenshots on my phone that i’m going to try to recreate.





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