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Chasing Waterfalls

Something went wrong with the first post so i’m writing it again.

IMG_0974 - Copy

My roommates and I took a short trip to Niagara Falls this weekend. We left on Friday and returned this afternoon. Unfortunately, we were not blessed with the best weather conditions. Friday was warm but gloomy, Saturday came with showers and cold winds and today was just plain cold.

On Friday, we walked around the area where our lodge was located and visited the outlet mall close by.We started Saturday off by going to another outlet mall ( we like to shop and we like deals) and then we headed over to the area surrounding the falls. We Had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, which is a themed restaurant with an exterior and interior designed to mimic a rainforest. The food was decent but the atmosphere and overall experience was more noteworthy. We walked around the falls afterwards, taking pictures as we went along. The cold temperature prevented us from staying out any longer so we headed back to our room at the lodge and spent the night in.

I enjoyed our short trip and even though we did not do much, it was great to get away for awhile and take a vacation from our problems. Next time I definitely want to take the boat tour and maybe do one of the haunted houses…. …maybe.

A lil taste:

The lodge looked like something out of an indie film


Total Betties

IMG_0781IMG_0929 - CopyIMG_0937 - CopyIMG_0944 - CopyIMG_0965 - CopyIMG_0985 - CopyIMG_0991 - Copy

& a bit more:




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