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Like Picasso

My sweet roommates treated me to paint nite for my birthday ( paint afternoon might be more accurate, the event started at 1:30). It was really relaxing and fun and I’m thankful I got to do it, plus I now have a painting to commemorate the day.

So what happens is that you show up and everything is provided for you. Before hand, you choose a picture you would like to paint. Different venues around the city have instructors who teach you how to paint certain images. The canvas, paints, brushes, water and napkin are all supplied. The one we went to today was located in an Irish Pub and you had the option to eat and drink as you went along. The instructor goes through a step by step tutorial of the example image. You are not required to recreate the same image, it’s all about artistic freedom. It was interesting to see how different the paintings all looked from each other. I love how subjective art is.

Next time, I’ll try a picture with more elements in it.

The process:


My roommates paintings:



What I wore today:





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