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Are you there God? It’s me Charity




I thought I’d share something I’ve recently been through. I thank God that I got through it.

Ever since I quit my sales job at Zara, I had a hard time finding a new job.  I can’t recall the number of places that I applied to. At the time I wasn’t too worried about it because I still had a bit of money leftover from my savings. As time went on, it became apparent that I needed a job ASAP. I had to pay rent, buy supplies for school and buy bus tickets. A couple friends of mine from school were also on the same boat. It seemed that absolutely no one was hiring. At one point, I got an email from a job I had applied to requesting to set up an interview and I was so relieved. However, when I contacted the manager to book the interview, I was told that the position had already been filled. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Still I kept applying.

During this time, my savings were decreasing . I prayed to God, that he would provide something for me. However as time went on and I saw no results I became frustrated and disheartened. I felt like God had abandoned me. He knew my situation and yet my prayers weren’t answered. He felt distant to me. I was never in any real danger because my parents were always there to help me out if I needed help but this was something I wanted to be able to do for myself. I thought perhaps God was trying to teach me that it was okay to ask for help, so I asked for help. I later had a phone interview  for clothing store that I really liked but I did not get the job.

Wanting some encouragement, I searched for ways to overcome the distance. I came upon an article on titled:’When it seems like God has abandoned you’. The article talked about two truths. One, that Jesus shared in our sufferings and that God is good and generous. Jesus suffered way more than I’d ever suffer in my life. Many other people have suffered and are suffering way more than I was. Usually comparing our situations to others is not beneficial but this time it was. Comparing my time of trial to the suffering of Jesus, Job and the less fortunate people of this world really put my problem in perspective.Another thing that brought about hope was realizing that my problem was only temporary. It wasn’t going to be a forever thing, I just had to wait it out in faith.

It wasn’t that God was distant. It was me that had created the distance. I finally gave the burden to him. I had done all that I could and it was time to rely solely his power and not on my abilities. My abilities were certainly limited.

Fast forward to the last couple weeks:

After sending out a fresh batch of applications, I was contacted for three interviews. One was scheduled for Monday, one on Wednesday  and one was a phone interview that I did as I was on my way to the one on Wednesday. I was offered the job on Wednesday which I took, and  later that day I was offered the job from Monday which I declined. I’m excited to see where this job will take me. It’s in downtown Toronto, which makes me feel like a real working girl. I’ve also had to overcome my fear of the subway which means I go check out all the cool vintage stores downtown *yay*.

Ive been living here for about eight months now and its now that things have really started.

God is good. 🙂


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